Thursday 22nd April 2021 marks the 51st Earth Day. This year, the main theme will be Restore Our Earth.

Climate change and other environmental catastrophes have inflicted serious harm upon ecosystems worldwide. What’s more, they can even be connected to issues such as poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the face of these tragedies, Restore Our Earth reminds us that it is within our power to heal the environment.


Exciting Online Events

To mark this momentous occasion, a number of exciting events have been planned. As a result of the global pandemic, Earth Day’s main events will take place online. You can get involved via the website from the comfort of your own home.

Earth Day Live will commence at 12 PM Eastern Time. There will be a number of workshops, panel discussions, and performances all focusing on the central theme of Restore Our Earth. Some topics that will be addressed are:

  •  Climate restoration technologies
  • Reforestation efforts
  • Clean-ups, and much more


What Can You Do?

The climate crisis is something that we need to tackle together. To help people get involved in effective environmental actions, has come up with 51 Ways You Can Restore Our Earth. These includes activities like:

  • “Plogging”, which combines jogging with picking up litter.
  • Supporting reforestation by donating to the Canopy Project.
  • Learning about regenerative agriculture if you’re a keen gardener.

Find out about many other actions you can take to Restore Our Earth.


Participate In The 51St Earth Day

To learn more about this year’s Earth Day, watch the live stream events, and find actions occurring near you, visit the official Earth Day 2021 page now.